A message from Gregory Maqoma

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The US tour of Beautiful Me was a great experience for me and the musicians in that since 2007 we have been performing the work to mostly European audiences with a very small black audience representation. The US tour allowed the work to reach a more diverse audience that questioned, discussed and became curious not only of the continent of Africa but also of the African aesthetic that is cross-cultural in the work. This curiousness helped me to further understand the idea of displacement as Africans living in other parts of the world. This displacement connects us as Africans in these countries as we are longing for some representation and reflection of a place we call home. And when we reflect we become critical of ourselves, of our leadership and cultural givens and perceptions. Hence the after talks were a critical point of the performances as they allowed the audience to understand something that is even deeper about the work, to understand my connections with my continent, other cultures and the world.

We received, everywhere we went, a human gesture of love and care. Technical teams were sensitive to the technical demands of the work and gave their time and dedication in making sure that the technical aspects of the work are of the highest standard. Theatre directors gave their time and often came more than once to witness the work. I believe we have built a following in the US and it is something that is very important for us as a company to know that people are talking still about the work. I still receive e-mails from people who came to see the work, talking of their fulfilling experience.

Connecting with students at Bates and other places was for us also an important part of opening a window to the understanding of contemporary African dance but also a window to the possibility of embracing other cultures to inform about our history, but also to tell the present and predict the future. I value the professional handling of the tour from the time we started to the end. I thank MAPP and the Africa Consortium for believing in the work and I hope we have lived to the promise of delivering a world class performance.

coming full circle with vuyani dance theatre

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Beautiful Me, Gregory Maqoma/Vuyani Dance Theatre’s critically adored work which is currently in its sixth and last week of a debut U.S. tour,  got its start at the Bates Dance Festival in 2005 as a project of  The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium (see the video above). The tour, also a project of the Consortium, brings the project full circle 4 years later.

Bates Dance Festival provides valuable creative time and space to contemporary African artists and is often an early step on the road to bringing these artists and their work to American audiences.  They, along with other presenters, multi-art centers and universities in the Consortium, are interested in developing relationships that go deeper than simply bringing work to the stage. Residencies including master classes, panels, informal discussions and dance parties, build upon relationships developed over years of commitment to the artist, and strengthen meaningful and poetic connections with the artist and the work. Tell us about your experience!